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Movie Trailers – Shooter

Posted by Jay Medina on January 26, 2007

Check out this movie trailer for the new Mark Wahlberg movie, Shooter.  This looks like a modern day JFK scenario where a sniper is set up as a patsy for a Presidential assasination.  This has a great cast and good action.  It’s from the director of Training Day and Tears of the Sun.

Apple – Trailers – Shooter


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The 20 Most Hyped Movies of 2007

Posted by Jay Medina on January 25, 2007

Check out this article about the 20 most hyped movies of 2007.  This might be a huge year for blockbuster movies!

Big in 2007 – Moviefone

 Which movie are you most anxious to see in 2007?  Comment on here and let us know.

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Six Gets Challenged In Battlestar

Posted by Jay Medina on January 19, 2007

Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer said that her character goes through changes as the show returns with new episodes on Jan. 21.

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Sweet!  I love this show, and I didn’t think I would.  At first I called it Battlestar Girlactica, because so many central characters ended up being female.  The show’s writers tried very hard to include everyone in the new concept.  They made several nods to the original series and movie, and I think the new concept overall is fantastic.  Are you a fan of the show?

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New Danny Boyle SF Action Trailer

Posted by Jay Medina on January 19, 2007

The new trailer for Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, an SF action movie, has gone live on SCI FI Pulse. Set 50 years in the future, Sunshine centers on a team of astronauts sent on a mission to study and revive Earth’s dying sun.

Read the entire article and see the trailer

 Danny Boyle got my attention with 28 Days Later.  Although I haven’t seen Trainspotting, I think this guy has real promise.  Now that he’s getting into Sci Fi action movies, I can’t wait to see how good it’ll be.  Did you see Trainspotting?  What did you think?  How about 28 Days Later?

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‘I Am Legend’ Chopper Flies Over NYC

Posted by Jay Medina on January 18, 2007

 NEW YORK (AP) – Vampires are coming to take a bite out of the Big Apple – in the latest Will Smith thriller about a mutant virus gone awry.A Black Hawk helicopter flew over the city Wednesday for tests shots for the Warner Bros. film “I Am Legend.” Filming is expected to run until mid-March.Smith plays the last human survivor in what is left of the city after a terrible virus is unleashed around the world, publicist Carol McConnaughey said.

The movie will feature a scene in which a Black Hawk lands on a barge near a Manhattan pier, according to the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting, which promotes and licenses moviemaking in the city.

The film is due in theaters in December.

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Shocking News – Lindsay Lohan Checks Into Rehab

Posted by Jay Medina on January 18, 2007

Breaking News:

My Way News – Lindsay Lohan Checks Into Rehab
Lindsay Lohan has checked into rehab. “I have made a proactive decision to take care of my personal health. I appreciate your well wishes and ask that you please respect my privacy at this time,” said the 20-year-old actress in a statement issued Wednesday through her publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnick.

Full article is here.

Wow, did anyone see this coming?

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Police Chief: Sorvino Was Legally Armed

Posted by Jay Medina on January 17, 2007

My Way News – Police Chief: Sorvino Was Legally Armed
“Goodfellas” actor Paul Sorvino, who pulled a gun on his daughter Amanda’s ex-boyfriend in a confrontation, was allowed to carry it and never pointed it at the man, police Chief Ken Kaplan said Wednesday.

Amanda Sorvino, 36, told a Monroe County judge in Stroudsburg, Pa., on Tuesday, that she had locked herself in a bathroom and called both police and her father after the man pounded on her Stowe Motel room door and made threats on Jan. 3.

Read the rest of the story here.

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Movie Stills: The Bourne Ultimatum

Posted by Jay Medina on January 17, 2007

Get your first glimpse of the new Bourne movie with Matt Damon.

 Click HERE to see the gallery.

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The Movie Announcer Guy

Posted by Jay Medina on January 17, 2007

Here is a hilarious take on that movie announcer guy:

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Movie Review: Door to Door (2002)

Posted by Jay Medina on January 17, 2007

Door To DoorI accidentally found this movie one very recent sleepless night.  What a find!  As I was looking through the free movie offerings from my digital cable’s On Demand feature, I was torn between this movie and “The Island“; a Michael Caine movie about pirates (written by Peter Benchley) terrorizing the Caribbean in modern day, or as modern as 1980 could be.

How glad I am that I chose Door to Door!  This movie is the inspiring true story of door to door salesman, Bill Porter, played expertly by William H. Macy (Air Force One, Fargo), a master actor of our generation.  Mr. Porter suffers from cerebral palsey from birth, and the movie picks up in the late 50’s, where he is preparing to interview for his first (and only) job with the Watkins Company.  Because of his condition, he is initially turned down, but that doesn’t stop him.  That only makes him more determined; and that determination has not slowed, even to this day.  The underlying message is that any of us can do amazing things, if we have patience and persistence.

The movie was co-written by Macy, and the story covers the four decades in which Mr. Porter has been an active member of his community, selling his company’s products door to door.

In the current age where anything “salesy” is not just frowned upon and rejected wholesale, but truly brings out the worst in people, this story humanizes the role of a salesman, and shows just how and why someone would take on one of the most unwanted and unwelcomed jobs in today’s society.  Quite simply: To make a living.

The story of Bill Porter shows what a true salesman can do.  He is a member of his community, and people know him by name, and he knows each of his customers.  He asks about their children, and how things are going.  Porter is genuine, not slick-selling.  He’s seen children grow into adults, and adults move into new stages in their lives.  He’s seen families end and new ones begin.  All the while, he has provided a convenient service that his customers value, and he makes it easy for them to buy from him.  But most importantly, he has become a part of their lives and they have become part of his. That sort of connection doesn’t come easy in today’s cynical society.

I think this story also hits on a bit of nostalgia for me.  I grew up in the 70’s and the 80’s, and I remember the Shaklee guy who used to come to my grandmother’s home to sell shampoo or stain remover.  The thing is, in today’s age, we can’t go to the grocery store or the even the department store these days, and get stellar service like the door to door salesman is willing to provide.

The movie is smartly cast, with Helen Mirren (Prime Suspect, The Queen) playing Porter’s ailing mother.  Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer, Phenomenon) is totally cute and priceless as Porter’s assistant, Shelly.

A piece like this isn’t noted for it’s sound, or even it’s cinematography, it’s about the writing and how well it tells the story.  To me, the writing was solid, as it is a work of art that showcases the fortitude and persisistant spirit of a truly special human being.  If you have the means, rent this movie.  Rent it NOW.  It’s available on Netflix, and you might be able to catch it for free on Time Warner Cable’s free movies on demand. We definitely need more Bill Porters in the world.

Have you seen this movie?  What did you think? 

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