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Paris Hilton – The Path To Jail

Posted by Jay Medina on June 9, 2007

Well, this is neither movies nor music, but I just couldn’t resist.  Let’s not forget what brought her to this in the first place:

Don’t Do The Crime If You Can’t Do The TimeHilton’s path to jail began Sept. 7, when she failed a sobriety test after police saw her weaving down a street in her Mercedes-Benz on what she said was a late-night run to a hamburger stand.

She pleaded no contest to reckless driving and was sentenced to 36 months’ probation, alcohol education and $1,500 in fines.

In the months that followed, she was stopped twice by officers who discovered her driving on a suspended license. The second stop landed her in Sauer’s courtroom, where he sentenced her to jail.


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Music Publishers Sue XM Radio

Posted by Jay Medina on March 24, 2007

Looks like our favorite people in the music industry are at it again.  Where’s Lars?

Here’s the story:

Mar 23, 1:45 PM (ET)


NEW YORK (AP) – A group representing music publishers is suing XM Satellite Radio, saying that XM violates copyright laws by giving users the ability to store and replay songs on certain devices.The National Music Publishers’ Association claimed in a lawsuit filed in federal court in New York Thursday that XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (XMSR) offers an unlawful music download service that isn’t covered by the royalties it pays to music publishers for broadcast rights. The suit targets an XM service called “XM (plus) MP3,” which allows XM subscribers to store songs on portable players and play them back later. The songs remain on the device as long as the customer subscribes to XM.Like its rival Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. (SIRI), XM offers dozens of channels of commercial-free music as well as talk and news channels for a monthly fee of about $13. Sirius has agreed to buy XM, but the deal faces a tough regulatory review in Washington.The music publishers’ lawsuit is similar to another filed against XM last year by a group representing major record label companies, the Recording Industry Association of America. That case is still pending.

Like traditional radio broadcasters, satellite radio services must pay the publishers of music and record labels royalties for the right to broadcast music.

XM spokesman Chance Patterson said the lawsuit by the NMPA “simply represents a negotiating tactic to gain advantage in our ongoing business discussions. ” He said the suit was without merit.

XM and Sirius were barred from merging under the licenses they were granted a decade ago, but they argue that much has changed since then, including the growth of other audio entertainment choices such as downloads from Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iTunes stores.

The music publishers group noted in their lawsuit that XM draws attention to the ability of its XM + MP3 service to store and replay music, describing it as a substitute for using an iPod playback device and iTunes to buy music.

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Spartan workouts readied ‘300’ star

Posted by Jay Medina on March 21, 2007

Ethan Sacks
New York Daily News
Mar. 10, 2007 12:00 AM

For all the computer-generated wizardry that went into the stylized look of Warner Bros.’ “300,” opening 0310300gym.jpgtoday, it was old-fashioned discipline and drudgery that turned actor Gerard Butler into a Spartan warrior king.

Realizing he would have to parade around bare-chested for most of the movie adaptation of Frank Miller’s (extremely) graphic novel, the 37-year-old Scotsman trained six hours a day for almost eight months. If Butler was to convincingly play King Leonidas, who led the titular small band of soldiers against a million invading Persians in 480 B.C., he wanted to look the part.

“I knew to get that extreme power, and exude that authority and leadership and that potential violence and brutality, that I wanted to earn that,” said Butler, best known for playing the title role in 2004’s “The Phantom of the Opera.”

“I wanted to really know that I had it and not feel like one of those public-school boy actors standing up there, pretending to be tough and pretending to be big, and having the men pretending to respect him.”

So Butler started his intense regimen four months before a one-month boot camp designed to turn Hollywood actors into Spartans, and continued throughout the 60-day shoot. There were two-hour sword-fighting sessions with the film’s stunt men; squat thrusts with weights and chains; having to watch the crew eat desserts off the catering spread while actors were on forced diets.

Worst of all was the dreaded bear crawl, in which the actors had to race around on hands and feet after their legs were quivering from squats. Butler tore his hip flexor muscle doing that drill.

“Pretty much anything Mark Twight (the production’s trainer) offered up was so difficult in the kind of way where you wish you had never been born – and even more than that, wished he had never been born,” said Butler.

“You don’t look at a bunch of Spartans and go, I wonder which guy is going to pop out and be the king,'” said Zack Snyder, the film’s director. “In one shot you want to go, OK, that’s him,’ and that was how I felt about Gerry.”

The strapping 6-foot-2 actor said he’s looking forward to doing physically safer romantic comedies, like the upcoming “P.S., I Love You” with Hilary Swank.

“After the last day, I think I didn’t go back to a gym for seven months,” said Butler. “I didn’t want to see another gym in my life.”

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Spears Has Entered Rehab, Web Site Says

Posted by Jay Medina on February 20, 2007

Feb 20, 4:33 PM (ET)


NEW YORK (AP) – Britney Spears entered rehab Tuesday after a bizarre weekend that included shaving her head and getting a new tattoo.Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, told People magazine’s Web site that Spears, 25, had voluntarily checked herself into an undisclosed treatment facility. “We ask that the media respect her privacy as well as those of her family and friends at this time,” Rudolph was quoted as saying.Calls to Spears’ representatives by The Associated Press weren’t returned Tuesday.

Since she announced her separation from Kevin Federline in November, Spears, the mother of two young sons, has been seen partying heavily, and her appearance has been increasingly sloppy.

On Friday night, Spears grabbed an electrical shaver at a San Fernando Valley salon and shaved her head completely bald.

Video on KABC-TV showed a newly shorn Spears with tiny tattoos on the back of her neck as she sat for a new tattoo – a pair of red-and-pink lips on her wrist.

Entertainment TV shows and Web sites reported Friday that she had gone in and out of rehab that week.

Esther’s Haircutting Studio, where Spears shaved her head, set up a Web site to auction off her hair and other items for a minimum price of $1 million, J.T. Tognozzi, who owns the salon with his wife, told the AP on Tuesday.

“This is it, the opportunity of a lifetime,” according to BuyBritneysHair.com. The winning bidder gets Spears’ dark, knotty hair extensions, the clipper she used to cut them off, the Red Bull she drank at the salon and her cigarette lighter.

Tognozzi said he’d placed the items for sale on the eBay auction Web site, which later took them down, for reasons unknown to him.

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Cage Cameos In Grindhouse

Posted by Jay Medina on February 20, 2007

Nicolas Cage told SCI FI Wire he camps it up in a cameo appearance as Fu Manchu in a faux movie trailer that is part of Grindhouse, the homage to exploitation movies directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Cage is one of many high-profile actors who will appear in the movie.

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Weaver Avatar Casting Confirmed

Posted by Jay Medina on February 17, 2007

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the re-teaming of Aliens star Sigourney Weaver with her director, James Cameron, in the helmer’s upcoming SF epic film Avatar, which was first reported on Ain’t It Cool News.

Full story here

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Eckhart Is Knight’s Dent

Posted by Jay Medina on February 17, 2007

Aaron Eckhart is up for the role of Harvey Dent/Two Face in The Dark Knight, the much-anticipated sequel to Batman Begins. Dent is the district attorney of Gotham City who becomes the insane crime boss known as Two Face when half of his face is disfigured by acid.

Full story here

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Deschanel Stars In Tin Man

Posted by Jay Medina on February 17, 2007

Zooey Deschanel (Elf) has been cast as the lead in Tin Man, SCI FI Channel’s upcoming six-hour miniseries that reimagines L. Frank Baum’s classic fantasy book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, SCI FI announced. The miniseries is slated to begin production in March in Vancouver, Canada, and will premiere in December.

Full story here

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Movie Trailers – Shooter

Posted by Jay Medina on January 26, 2007

Check out this movie trailer for the new Mark Wahlberg movie, Shooter.  This looks like a modern day JFK scenario where a sniper is set up as a patsy for a Presidential assasination.  This has a great cast and good action.  It’s from the director of Training Day and Tears of the Sun.

Apple – Trailers – Shooter

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The 20 Most Hyped Movies of 2007

Posted by Jay Medina on January 25, 2007

Check out this article about the 20 most hyped movies of 2007.  This might be a huge year for blockbuster movies!

Big in 2007 – Moviefone

 Which movie are you most anxious to see in 2007?  Comment on here and let us know.

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