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‘I Am Legend’ Chopper Flies Over NYC

Posted by Jay Medina on January 18, 2007

 NEW YORK (AP) – Vampires are coming to take a bite out of the Big Apple – in the latest Will Smith thriller about a mutant virus gone awry.A Black Hawk helicopter flew over the city Wednesday for tests shots for the Warner Bros. film “I Am Legend.” Filming is expected to run until mid-March.Smith plays the last human survivor in what is left of the city after a terrible virus is unleashed around the world, publicist Carol McConnaughey said.

The movie will feature a scene in which a Black Hawk lands on a barge near a Manhattan pier, according to the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting, which promotes and licenses moviemaking in the city.

The film is due in theaters in December.


2 Responses to “‘I Am Legend’ Chopper Flies Over NYC”

  1. jc said

    I worked on the NYC Evacuation scene which we shot from Jan 23 to the 31th. The entire shoot was an abortion. It felt like the old days of Hollywood. People were standing in the freezing cold for HOURS on end. There was limited access to heating facilities at this time. The organization was the most mediocre I have ever seen. The catering for the extras and SAG was pitifull for such a high budget film. They broke child labor laws, sanitation laws, provided no security to the 1400+ people working on this thing. They broke noise laws and have several fines to prove what I am saying. The production crew treated SAG and everyone else like second class citizens. Signing in and signing out was a disaster of epic proportions. It took between one hour and two hours every day of the shoot. There were just so many shortcuts I cannot believe it. Bathrooms were endlessly out of order, people were forced to freeze in Arctic conditions for nothing. The lack of continuity will be apparent to all. On a lighter note, Will Smith was a joy to work with, and this in no way reflects his personal aspirations and convictions. He tried to motivate the cast as best he could. But the conditions were just that bad. I have nothing but the deepest respect and admiration for Will Smith as an actor and a person. He is a trooper.

  2. Jay Medina said

    You know, Jc, I was a military extra in The Alamo, and it was a lot like that. The second unit director was shooting some scenes of the Mexican Army surrounding the Alamo, while the Director was filming the stars of the movie at a location in downtown Austin.

    The second unit director almost had a mutiny on his hands. He kept the entire crew working without breaks for hours in the heat, and we had these primitive leather shoes with a thin strip of leather that were accurate for the time period, and even though we could wear gel-soft shoe inserts, by the end of 15 hours of shooting in Texas Hill Country, our feet were shot. I am ex-military and served in two wars, and my feet never hurt so bad in my life.

    In addition, he wouldn’t let us break for chow as if we had to make up a whole bunch of lost time, when the shoot was on schedule. We all thought he’d get fired after the director came back from his alternate location shoot, but nothing was said at all. I guess in the end, we were just cattle that was needed to make the scenes work.

    I did get to shake Billy Bob Thornton’s hand and take a picture with him, though. Jason Patric shook my hand, but didn’t stay to talk; I guess he’s too big time. Billy Bob was very gracious though. Still a memorable experience.

    How lucky that you got to meet Will Smith. I would really like to shake his hand one day. Thanks for sharing, Jc.

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