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McConaughey as Magnum?

Posted by Jay Medina on January 17, 2007

Blonde-haired Matthew McConaughey with a moustache, fit out with shorts and a Hawaiian tee, driving a Ferrari down a palm tree-lined avenue. Is that a close enough approximation of Magnum P.I. for you? It might have to do. It’s been a while since we heard what was happening with the feature film remake of Magnum P.I., but according to the UK’s Teletext, writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball) has finished his latest draft for the film and named McConaughey as his choice to play the suave Hawaiian detective. The same report pegs…

Read the rest of the article here.

I liked this show as a kid.  The location, the character of an ex-Navy SEAL from Vietnam who went private eye. It all worked.  Not sure if I like the Matthew McConaughey thing, though.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like Mac in Reign of Fire.  Just not sure he’s worthy to take on Magnum.  Check out the article to see who they have for Rick, T.C. and Higgins!  It might blow your mind. 


4 Responses to “McConaughey as Magnum?”

  1. Nick Kitt said

    Matt McConaughey,Steve Zahn, and William Macy fit the concept of MAGNUM perfectly. With the future of Dirk Pitt movies a foregone conclusion thanks to the overzealous sabotage and asinine lawsuit from Clive Cussler,it’s good to see these guys and their great chemistry starting a francise. McConaughey,Zahn, and Macy–brilliant casting in a venue that suits their talents–action adventure with light humor. You couldn’t ask for a better cast,bar none !!

  2. Jay Medina said

    Hi Nick,

    Ok, I can buy Matt McConaughey and Steve Zahn, but I cannot buy William H. Macy as Higgins. Don’t get me wrong, I totally dig Bill Macy as an actor, but just not as Higgins. I would think Anthony Hopkins would be a killer Higgins.

    Who would you like to see as Higgins?

  3. Nick Kitt said

    You know,Jay, I would love Macy as Higgins. He’s a great actor and I really think he can pull it off. Plus he plays so well with McConaughey. Check out the banquet scene in SAHARA when Dirk Pitt is asking to use the Admiral’s boat. That’s Magnum and Higgins almost to a tee.John Hillerman,the original Higgins, was a Texan. So I don’t think Macy will have a hard time bringing Higgins to life.

  4. Jay Medina said

    Hi Nick, I haven’t seen Sahara, and now I’m intrigued. I totally agree that Bill Macy is a great actor (check out my review of his movie “Door to Door”). After I watch Sahara, I’ll be able to add more to this conversation.

    I’ll let you know my thoughts after I see the film. Thanks for visiting Nick!

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