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Two Enterprise Captains in Trek XI?

Posted by Jay Medina on January 16, 2007

Star Trek XIMost non-casual Star Trek buffs know that Capt. Kirk wasn’t the first man to command the bridge of the first USS Enterprise. In the original, rejected pilot episode of The Original Series, the legendary ship’s captain was Christopher Pike. The captainship became the domain of William Shatner’s character for the pilot remake and the rest of the series, but the Pike character was revived in the episode “The Menagerie”, establishing Pike was the Enterprise’s first captain. Actually, the hardcore fans doubtlessly remember that the animated Star Trek series of the ’70s named a predecessor of Pike’s, Robert April. However, that character, and the animated series in general, are not considered Star Trek canon. This sort of background history becomes important now that a pre-TOS film is on the way.

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